November 15, 2021, Halifax Nova Scotia – Recognized for its outstanding quality of research and innovation, Dalhousie University will join “The PIER” at the Seaport. With leading global research in big data, maritime policy, and ocean science, among other fields, Dalhousie will help solve the persistent problems of the supply chain, transportation, and logistics industry with other PIER members.

The PIER, short for Port Innovation, Engagement and Research, is a global showcase for sector innovation in transportation, supply chain and logistics located in the historic Halifax Seaport district. Through bringing together a complementary mix of operating partners, innovators, tech companies and researchers, The PIER creates an environment where partners collaborate and innovate to tackle the persistent industry problems that no one party can solve. The PIER will open its doors on November 25, 2021.

The PIER community will benefit from Dalhousie’s cutting-edge research projects which are aligned with big data, artificial intelligence, and logistics, and will also enjoy access to cross-faculty expertise in areas which include marine law, urban planning, and engineering. Through Dalhousie, members of The PIER will access programs that fall under the “Dal Innovates” umbrella. With natural areas of alignment between Dalhousie’s DeepSense and The PIER including ocean innovation, AI, machine learning and sustainability, DeepSense will be residing in The PIER.

“Dalhousie is very pleased to be the research partner for The PIER,” says Alice Aiken, Dalhousie Vice-President Research and Innovation. “Dalhousie will bring world class research talent to help solve the problems of The PIER members. In addition, through our suite of innovation programming and expertise we will work together to help grow the start-up community in the marine transportation sector.”

“A key strength of The PIER is the diversity of its membership. Having different transportation and supply chain partners and stakeholders all working under the same roof will create the conditions for the free flow of ideas, and that will lead to innovative solutions that will have benefits that reach beyond those traditional sectors. By tapping into Dalhousie’s research and innovation capabilities, members of The PIER will have additional support needed to drive meaningful innovation across the logistics and transportation industry,” said Captain Allan Gray, President and CEO of the Halifax Port Authority.

DeepSense, as a member in The PIER, will create direct access to research capabilities for PIER members. As a resident member, Dalhousie will have access to meeting, classroom, and event room facilities. The infrastructure of this shared space will benefit DeepSense by its proximity to other ecosystem members and founding partners in this innovation environment and access to a global network of industry players, regulators, and other collaborators.

 About Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University is Atlantic Canada’s leading research-intensive university, a key driver of the region’s intellectual, social and economic development for over 200 years. Located in the heart of Halifax—in the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq—with an Agricultural Campus in Truro/Bible Hill, Dalhousie is a truly national and international university, with more than half of our 20,000 students coming from outside of the province. Our 6,000 faculty and staff foster a diverse, purpose-driven community, one that spans 13 faculties and conducts more than $194 million in sponsored research annually.

About DeepSense

Headquartered at Dalhousie University, the DeepSense innovation environment enables ocean related companies to harness the potential of data by working with leaders in AI, machine learning and applied ocean research.

About the Halifax Port Authority

The Halifax Port Authority (HPA) is a strategic port manager, connecting global markets to create value for customers, partners, visitors, and community. The HPA takes a leadership role in developing business for the Port of Halifax in collaboration with partners and is responsible for managing Port of Halifax assets. Collaborating and working with strong partners and stakeholders, the Port community in Halifax continues to deliver excellence.


Note to editors: The grand opening of “The PIER” at the Seaport will take place on November 25, 2021. Additional details will be provided closer to the launch date.

Lane Farguson
Manager, Media Relations and Communications
Halifax Port Authority
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Andrew Riley
Communications Manager, Office of the VP Research and Innovation
Dalhousie University
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