The Member Showcase Series features PIER member companies as they present capabilities and solutions to the membership and Halifax Port Authority (HPA) staff. The series is designed to strengthen connections between PIER members, the HPA, and the ecosystem. These sessions address knowledge gaps, find common challenges, and build the framework to collaborate on solutions.

Showcase #5 featured: Shawn Doyle, Business Development Manager with Eimskip; Keegan Bizaaré, Operations Manager, and Carson Straub, Data Scientist with OceanSync.

Shawn Doyle highlighted the “to-the-minute” precision required for the movement of reefers (or refrigerated shipping containers) across land and sea. The audience came to understand the great potential in having smaller vessels in a niche market providing tailored solutions for the movement of goods across the Atlantic and beyond. During the Q+A, the conversation focused on how Eimskip may advance their decarbonization goals by partnering with companies to improve the storage, movement, and manufacturing of their reefers.

Eimskip is an international shipping company with 55 offices in 20 countries and four continents: Europe, North America, South America and Asia. Eimskip specializes in worldwide freight forwarding services with a focus on frozen and chilled commodities.

Representing OceanSync were Operations Manager, Keegan Bizaaré and Data Scientist, Carson Straub, who shared the potential found in having OceanSync’s weather technology aboard ships of all kinds. Audience members learned about the applications for data collection around “observed” versus “predicted” weather patterns (and the discrepancy between the two) – highly valuable information for companies seeking to optimize vessel routes. During the Q+A, seafarer wellbeing was discussed including the positive impact of having accurate, observed weather data for when seafarers are facing a major weather event at sea.

OceanSync has developed a ship-based automated weather station to enable the efficient exchange of weather observations. Weather data, like wind, pressure, temperature and humidity, are transmitted in real time from any location on earth. While the observations from a single vessel are valuable, the aggregated observations from multiple vessels will provide game-changing insights into weather patterns and climate.


Up next on August 17:

Lucija Prelovec, Acting Executive Director, DeepSense

Patrick Edwards-Daugherty, Founder & CEO, Spiri Robotics


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