Do you find technology to be more of a distraction to your day’s productivity than an asset? If you’re like many knowledge workers, you likely feel that your day is full of meetings and notifications leaving you to do your “real work” in the evenings and weekends. Let’s change that. Braden Newell is a cybersecurity professional who has spent the last two years collecting tips, strategies, and apps to boost productivity. Together we can master how technology can help improve our focus and productivity instead of being a constant distraction.

3 Takeaways:

  • Technology doesn’t have to be a distraction
  • Technology can help increase your focus and productivity
  • It’s okay to say no and to find your personal work-life mix


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Meet your presenter…

Braden Newell is an Apple technologist, cybersecurity professional, and technology educator based out of Nova Scotia, Canada. His life’s mission is to make technology easier to understand. He takes pride in taking complex technical topics and translating them into simpler speak.

Braden is a Learning Experience Designer at Jamf, an Apple device management and security company, focusing on the organization’s cybersecurity portfolio. Additionally, Braden is the Privacy & Security Lead for Virtual Hallway, a digital health platform improving healthcare by connecting physicians and specialists to lower referral times, helping the company achieve cybersecurity compliance while maintaining user privacy. Braden is also a semi-regular contributor to MobileSyrup, Canada’s leading technology and telecommunications publication, covering Apple and consumer technologies.

Braden graduated from Saint Mary’s University in 2020 with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in computing & information systems. He is now pursuing a Master of Business Administration concentrating in innovation leadership at the University of Fredericton. He holds 20 professional certifications, badges, and certificates from organizations such as Apple, Jamf, and CompTIA, among many others.

Braden is a talented facilitator, a passionate public speaker, and an award-winning videographer. He believes technology can improve every element of our lives, including work, school, social, finance, and health. Feel free to connect with Braden on LinkedIn (/bradensupport) or visit his website (