The PIER has approximately 50 member companies and a growing ecosystem comprised of tech companies, local and global supply chain partners, researchers, SMEs, and startups. Many of the members are residents in the physical innovation hub located in the Halifax waterfront area, while others are distributed across North America and beyond.

The PIER champions innovation in supply chain transparency, data analytics, regulatory policy, workforce development, sustainability, decarbonization and port connectivity. Our membership has access to a 26,000 sq. ft. accessible and flexible co-working space. We customize membership solutions, ensuring every member is positioned to maximize their investment and benefit from this collaborative ecosystem.

We have several different options for membership:

  • Members looking to advance major projects through The PIER and participate in PIER governance.

  • Supply chain partners who want to play an impactful role in industry innovation through The PIER.

  • SMEs and start-ups that want to have dedicated desks in The PIER.

  • Members who are not looking for dedicated desks in The PIER facilities but will still be able to collaborate and make meaningful contributions to solve major industry problems.

To learn more about becoming a member, please contact [email protected]